Our Black Belt Instructors

It is our belief that a fighter is truly an artist in the sense that once having mastered the basics of the art, he must then peel away the old layers and at the same time seek new ideas to develop a style that is individually right for him or her. We do not seek to stamp repetitive copies from some archaic mold, but rather to encourage individual development of personal style.


Instructors not listed below:Jim Riitenour(6th degree Black Belt),Teressa Ritenour(5th degree Black Belt), Jay Obernolte(5th degree Black Belt), Debra Lane(2nd degree Black Belt), Adam Larson(2nd degree Black Belt), Michael Phillips(1st degree Black Belt), Victoria Phillips(1st degree Black Belt), Michell Sainz(1st degree Black Belt), Juan Sainz(1st degree Black Belt),Zach Sandoval(1st degree Black Belt), and many more Black Belts that come and train when their schedules allow. 


Mrs. Monique is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and specializes in teaching young children the art of Karate. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of Martial Arts continues to grow as her and her family advance their techniques.

Ms. Karin offers the challenge and excitement of Martial Arts through her teachings of P.U.M.A. Karate. Offering encouragement with her enthusiasm students excel quickly with confidence and skill.

Proud Owner of Puma Karate, Mr. Stacy offers his skills and knowledge to others through teaching Karate.  Mr. Stacy's excitement and training techniques continue to grow.