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Grand Master and System founder, Jerry E. Fisher

P.U.M.A. Karate

The Puma System was created in 1974 by Master Jerry E. Fisher. It was an evolvement of a lifetime of study. The system is a truly eclectic, typically American blending of the best and most effective parts of; American boxing, Japanese and Okinawan Karate and various Korean and Chinese systems. The combination of these elements has resulted in the synergistic development of a uniquely American fighting art. The initials Pacific Unified Martial Arts also represent a Native American fighting animal, the PUMA, which has come to be the emblem of the system. The Yin and Yang in the background of this emblem signify the systems Asian roots. It is our belief that a fighter is truly an artist in the sense that once having mastered the basics of the art, he must then peel away the old layers and at the same time seek new ideas to develop a style that is individually right for him or her. We do not seek to stamp repetitive copies from some archaic mold, but rather to encourage individual development of personal style.

The fighting arts are completely subjective and the individual’s development must, by necessity, be the result of mastering the basics that lead to the attainment of the first degree Black Belt.

It is only at this time that one begins to travel the lonely road of personal challenge toward the always-illusive goal of perfection.

Grand Master and System founder, Jerry E. Fisher, studied American boxing for eleven years, competing in over 100 matches. In the middle 1950’s he began the study of Karate, training with a friend who had been stationed in Okinawa for a year, studying Isshin Ryu. Other styles were added over the years until, by 1974, Grand Master Fisher had attained a 3rd degree black belt in Isshin Ryu, a 1st degree black belt in Ozman Ryu, a 1st degree black belt in Hapkido and a 3rd degree black belt in Ed Parker’s Kenpo. There are many top practitioners and world champions who are students of Mister Fisher and the PUMA System. Such As: 9th degree John Gyro 7th degrees Kirk Fisher and Scott Fisher 6th degrees Ron Pohnel, Kenn Firestone 5th degrees Burnis White, Ed Anders and many, many more. PUMA System is a broad range American fighting art grounded in traditional, respected roots. Grand Master Fisher was a defensive tactic consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department starting in 1995. Mr. Fisher had worked with the L.A.P.D. on the development of arrest and control techniques as well as helped create specific threat responses. The PUMA System is adaptable for all ages and body types. Exposing students to many disciplines enables them to direct their fighting style toward their own body type and personality.