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Awareness * Avoidance * Effectiveness

Self-protection is what allows you to prevent, identify and avoid violence.


We teach you to be aware of your surroundings and how to have a protective guard up.


Protect yourself by eliminating situations that could turn bad. Allowing space between you and another in a tight situation, limiting the number of beverages you drink, traveling in groups and staying in well lit areas.


We teach you effective techniques to protect yourself from a predictor. First learn how to predict and prevent violence from occurring, then learn how to physically deal with such situations.


More Aggressive and Violent

The most important aspect of physical self-defense is mindset. A simple technique performed mechanically and without emotion will fail. The only way to defeat a violent aggressor is to become more aggressive and violent. This can never be stressed enough.t

Your adrenaline will give you a small window of near superhuman powers and after that you are left with what you have- this is why it is important to control your fear and panic before the actual assault.

"Based on simple instinctive and reflexive actions; the initial movements will feel natural."


Class Information

Women's Self Defense
Time: 6:00 pm

Black Belt

Ms. Karin

Fitness Trainer

Ms. Karin is a highly skilled 5th degree Black Belt. She has been teaching others the art of Karate for 9 years and has been teaching women&...


Class Instructor

Mrs. Monique

Black Belt

Mrs. Monique is a highly skilled 2nd degree Black Belt. Her excitement through her family's drive to achieve greatness in Karate has lea...


Class Trainer

Mr. Stacy

Black Belt

Mr. Stacy is the owner of Puma Karate and a fifth degree black belt. He feels very fortunate to have studied under Grandmaster Fisher. With ...