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Tournaments offer a healthy com­pe­ti­tion to students against other students outside their Dojo within the same ranking.

You will com­pete in kata, kumite (spar­ring), and/or bo kata (depend­ing on your belt level). The panel of Judges will tally points and award tro­phies or medals.

Use the cor­rect stances, keep them low, moves crisp, accel­er­ate into the moves; pause between. Keep your gaze steady and look con­fi­dent. Con­trol your breath­ing and pace yourself.

Things to Know

Parents are not allowed on the mat.
Entering the Mat:
1. Bow to enter the back of the ring
2. Move to front of the karate ring and announce the name of your kata
3. Bow to thank judges
4. Back up (fac­ing judges), bow to begin your kata
5. Bow after you have fin­ished your kata
6. Back up and bow out of the ring